Becoming A Member of FBPCS

Membership to the FBPCS is available to scientific societies or organisations that share the goals of the Federation, to further develop knowledges in the sciences of the brain, behavior and mind and communicate new advances to policy makers and the public. Member societies are really important to the FBPCS as they collaborate closely with the Federation to create the education and advocacy program, that is best suited to the current issues of this scientific community. Member societies are also encouraged to participate in the policy and legislation processes that FBPCS are involved with on Capitol Hill.

Each member society is required to nominate one or more representatives, that will serve on the Council of Representatives for the FBPCS. Throughout the year, the representatives meet with the Board, to discuss issues affecting the scientific community. The most important meeting occurs in early December, where all the FBPCS’s activities for the following year are conceived.

The work of the FBPCS is supported by the dues paid by the member societies; their work would not be possible without them. The amount paid is based on the society’s size and discount rates are offered in the initial two years of membership. The yearly cost, per scientist is relatively small, when considered the good it can do for the mind sciences as a whole. Membership is not open to individuals, only to scientific societies (or related organisations) that share goals with those of the FBPCS. The members and their support is essential to the future of the behavioral, psychological and cognitive sciences, by helping the Foundation to show the need for continued investment in research.

Members of the FBPCS

Many respected scientific societies and organisations have joined the FBPCS’s cause and become members of the federation. The list of members includes:
- American Educational Research Association
- American Psychological Association
- Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback
- Association for Behavior Analysis International
- Behavior Genetics Association
- Cognitive Science Society
- International Society for Development Psychobiology
- Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society
- National Academy of Neuropsychology
- The Psychonomic Society
- Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
- Society for Mathematical Psychology
- Society of Experimental Social Psychology