Reaching a Wider Audience

The Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences has a real commitment to education of not just those working within various fields of brain science. The organisation also hopes to reach a wider audience by sharing interesting new findings related to brain sciences to the general public. The FBPCS reaches out to youths and adults in a number of different ways.

- Public Lectures – What better way to share interesting insights with the public, than engaging with them directly through public lectures. The FBPCS regularly holds science cafes, where top brain scientists from around the country share fascinating new insights, discoveries and research with interested members of the public. In an informal atmosphere, over cheese and wine, members of the public are given a great opportunity to engage and ask questions with some of the country's best scientists.

- Youth Outreach – An important part of the FBPCS's work with the public, is reaching out to and inspiring the next generation of scientists. They do this through a number of different programmes that educates youths on the sciences of the brain, mind, behavior and cognition. Through events, such as the USA Science and Engineering, budding young scientists can engage with the scientific fields that are of interest to them. The FBPCS and its member societies, sponsor scientists to interact and teach intrigued youths how scientific research is carried out and data gathered, in order to investigate a hypothesis. The FBPCS knows that the future of brain science lies with the next generation of scientists, and they should be nurtured and encouraged in any way possible.

- Research to Policy – It can be difficult for the interested layperson to understand technical, jargon-filler research articles. To make the information published in the Federation's journal – Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences – more accessible, science writers create news articles that translate the latest research articles to be more reader-friendly to the general public. This hopefully gives the wider public an appreciation for research and why it needs to be done.

- Useful Resources – If the FBPCS comes across a resource that explains complicated science or research in a way that is friendly to the general public, they are happy to share it through websites and their social media channels. These resources can be used by student, teachers or just interested individuals who want to know more about their favourite field of science.

The FBPCS really is committed to reaching out to as much of the general public as possible, with all the recent discoveries, importance of research, and relevant legislation, in the world of brain science.