Becoming an Affiliate of the FBPCS

As well as member scientific societies, the FBPCS is supported by affiliate academic organisations, corporations, and professional society divisions. Just like members, they see the importance of sustained investment and certain policy changes/updates in the sciences of brain, behavior and the mind. There are two different types of affiliate:

- Corporate Affiliate: Corporations or businesses that are interested in getting involved with the work of the FBPCS, and want to support their endeavors, can join the Federation as a Corporate Affiliate. This type of affiliation is for the organisations that do not fit into the scientific society classification. They can have a representative attend the annual meeting of the Council of Representatives, but they will do so as a non-voting member. However, they still have a wonderful opportunity to engage with board members and scientists, and learn more about how their support is contributing towards to goals of the FBPCS.

- Affiliate: Educational departments from colleges and universities, as well as certain divisions of professional organisations, are welcome to join as an affiliate, if they share goals with the FBPCS. Affiliate membership may be of particular interest to Departments of Human Development, Education, and of course, Psychology and Cognitive Science.

All affiliates will receive electronic news updates each month, informing them of all the new developments in funding and policy, as well as new discoveries in their scientific community.