Advocacy Activities of the FBPCS

The FBPCS and its affiliate scientific societies, know the importance of behavioral, psychological and cognitive sciences. They aim to spread this knowledge of the importance of the sciences of the mind and brain, in the hope of advancing these fields further. To do so, they are passionate about sharing the contributions scientific research in these areas has made to both the world of brain science, and society as a whole. The advocacy efforts of the FBPCS are spread broadly to the public and the policy makers like federal science agencies, Congress, and the Administration.

The FBPCS on Capitol Hill

The FBPCS advocates and campaigns for improved and sustained funding for the likes of the National Institutes of Health, the Institute of Educational Sciences, and the National Science Foundation. They do this by meeting with key committee staff and draft and sign letters, campaigning for support and funding, to present to the relevant personnel and policy makers. Furthermore, they communicate the contributions, discoveries in the mind sciences have made, during meetings, receptions and Congressional briefings on Capitol Hill. The Federation brings government staff and scientists together, so that the policy makers have all the relevant information when developing new public policies. Their main aim on Capitol Hill is to highlight any funding issues or policy problems, when it comes to psychological, behavioral and cognitive scientist.